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Introducing Our Premier Commercial & Residential EV Charging Solutions Ready to bid farewell to unpredictable petrol prices and the environmental concerns associated with fossil fuel consumption? LV Renewables provides prompt and accommodating electric car charger installations. Whether you're seeking EV charger installations for Tesla vehicles or any other electric vehicle, LV Renewables offers tailored charger installation packages to suit your needs!

LV Renewables presents a variety of chargers crafted to accommodate all types of EVs. We specialize in installing charging stations at both residential and commercial locations, ensuring seamless charging experiences for your electric vehicle, whether at home or the office.

Residential EV charger benefits:

  1. Significantly Faster Charging: Compared to standard power point chargers, our EV charging systems provide a charge that is up to 5 times faster. This ensures that even if you have a late night out followed by an early morning commute, your car will be fully charged and ready to go in no time.

  2. Safe and Reliable: Our EV chargers are specifically designed to handle the larger and more consistent power draw associated with car charging. This means there is virtually no risk of overheating, electric shocks, or other potential hazards, ensuring both the safety of your vehicle and your home.

Commercial EV charger advantages for businesses:

  1. Expanded Customer Base: LV Renewables offers a range of commercial EV charger options, including installation at no additional cost. With power boxes available for charger cables, businesses can cater to electric vehicle owners regardless of the model they drive. This accessibility can attract more customers to your establishment, especially as electric cars become increasingly popular.

  2. Futureproofing Your Business: Research indicates that electric cars are projected to comprise almost half of all new car sales globally by 2030. By installing an electric vehicle charging station, you're taking proactive steps to futureproof your business and align it with the growing trend towards sustainable transportation.

To explore your options further or to schedule an installation appointment, contact LV Renewables today for a consultation.

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