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Off-Grid Solution's

Harness the Power of the Sun with Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Discover the freedom and sustainability of off-grid living with our state-of-the-art solar solutions. Perfect for remote locations, cabins, or anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint, our systems are designed to provide reliable, clean energy independent of the traditional power grid. Our customizable setups ensure you have the power you need, whether it's for a small cabin or a larger home. Experience energy independence with our efficient, off-grid solar solutions.

  • An off-grid solar PV system is self-sustainable, operating independently without relying on the grid.

  • Homeowners and commercial establishments can avoid power outages with off-grid systems.

  • Off-grid solar PV systems generate power from the sun, reducing electricity costs and lowering monthly bills.

  • These systems are an effective alternative for people living in rural and remote areas away from the main grid.

  • Off-grid solar panels are easy to set up and install with the help of solar PV installers.

  • Despite the high initial cost, off-grid solar PV systems offer a high return on investment (ROI).

  • Using an off-grid system minimizes the carbon footprint, keeping the environment clean and green.

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RedEarth All in One

RedEarth is leading the charge in energy storage. With them, you don’t just power your home, you invest in your future. Discover how to future-proof your home and turn your excess electricity into an income stream. With RedEarth, you get more.


An all-in-one standalone off-grid and on-grid power system, BlackMax was RedEarth’s original product, created with the idea of providing electricity where it isn’t. BlackMax is the perfect solution for sheds, weekenders, and tiny homes. Its IP43 rating means it can be installed outside in a shaded area.


RedEarth’s Gecko system offers Australian-made scalability, in a slim package with RedEarth-certified inverter attached to the wall, making them an excellent and enduring investment for your home. 


As tough as the creature it’s named after, HoneyBadger is reliable, robust, and built to last. Field-proven, HoneyBadger comes with a Victron inverter and charge controllers and is available in two power ratings: 5kVA or 10kVA versions, suitable for homes that consume up to approximately 50kWh of electricity a day.


Future-proof your energy needs with RedEarth’s premium all-in-one standalone power system, DropBear. The all new DropBear is available in single phase (16kW or 24kW) or three phase (24kW), making it the perfect solution for your larger on-grid and off-grid homes.